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Imagine the benefits to the law enforcement profession if agencies and law enforcement training providers could all call one platform home. A platform which enabled potential applicants to search for agencies and careers based on what interests them, for example, being able to see all the agencies hiring in Colorado who also have a drone/UAS program and provide 12-week parental leave. And on that same platform, an officer or dispatcher could search for trainings across the United States simply by clicking on the training topic. This is the vision of, an innovative platform to promote training & recruit staff for every career path within law enforcement.

Our Platform was created as a centralized platform to:

  • Develop an easy to use process for law enforcement agencies to promote career vacancies and highlight agency benefits. 

  • Provide an infrastructure for independent training providers and agencies to publish available courses to a searchable database, available to all members of law enforcement.

  • Creating a career platform which allows potential candidates to quickly search and filter through all available career paths in law enforcement and increase the probability of users finding and applying for careers opportunities which match their career goals. 

Learn More & Become a Partner

Our platform focuses on bringing together three sets of users, collaborating together to innovate how law enforcement agencies recruit and promote training.

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Training Providers

  • Career Seekers

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